The Institute of Pedagogical Sciences at Opole University offers:

  • 1. uniform intramural and extramural Master’s degree courses in Pedagogy in the following specializations: special-care pedagogy, social labor, resocialization pedagogy, old age education, socio-cultural therapy through art, and labor education;
  • 2. complementary Master’s degree courses;
  • 3. Doctor’s degree courses in pedagogy;
  • 4. post-graduate courses.

The research work conducted by at the Institute concentrates on social policy, history of culture and education in Silesia, and multi-cultural education. Both the research workers and students of the Institute are engaged in scientific cooperation with other colleges of higher education in Poland and abroad. They take part in training and scientific conferences, as well as joint research projects. The Institute runs publishing projects in cooperation with Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc, the Czech Republic, issuing Czech-Polish pedagogical volumes.
The Institute has at its disposal a reading room with a rich collection of volumes and journals including the latest works in the field of pedagogy (the library operates within the international system of library information), computer rooms (computer science laboratories), and modern classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids. Students of the Institute participate in the activity of scientific circles and student exchange programs organized within the “Bridge” project.